XFR-129 (Transfer 129)

Track Kit = 110 lbs | Front Kit = 19 lbs

MSRP $9,500.00 USD
(Kit Includes: All Parts to Install)
Made in America by Americans making American wages


Born from years of designing skis and identifying what works and what does not. The 11-1/4" LIVE KEEL SKI hands down has the best all-around handling in the industry.

Live Keel Technology

The ski has an independent plastic runner attached to the center keel and suspends the runner and skag off the ski with 2 rubber bumpers that allow it to lean/flex side to side so that it can stay connected to the ground and absorbs bumps like a rubber tire would.


Super strong yet flexible 11-1/4” wide semi parabolic tri-keel design. The ski uses the snowbike industry standard 3" wide Polaris mounting system so it is a direct bolt on to all brands of snowbikes.

Ski Skags

Built from heat-treated steel and an industrial powder coated surface the skags have an extremely strong wear resistance that the snow will not stick to. We offer 3 different heights for each skag. Skis come with the middle size that is best for all around riding. A less aggressive skag works best for hard pack and a more aggressive works better for deep snow.


The Live Keel ski is very rebuildable when it gets beat up. All parts are readily available and are priced affordably.

History of the Live Tri-Keel Ski Design

The tri-keel design was originally developed by Allen Mangum in 2011 and is still the standard for snow bike skis today. The big difference now on the MTN.TOP Live Keel Ski is that the center keel can flex side to side as you lean the bike. This is not new technology; The idea came from one of the founders of the sport many years ago (Tim Jorden) and then was taken over by Pro Moto Billet and was developed by Brett Blaser as an aftermarket kit that you could add to the old 6” wide Simmons ski. Now MTN.TOP has taken it over and redesigned it into a fixed center keel and is building it into a production ski. 


The MTN.TOP snowbike spindle is unique with 2 new technologies.

- Fit Kit-Less design
- Integrated heavy duty fork guards

Fit Kit-Less Design

The spindle is a completely universal fit design to all brands of bikes. It has a slotted hole system and a proprietary fork clamp shape that allows for the axle and fork clamp assemblies to adjust to fit each brand of bike without any fitment parts.

Integrated Fork Guards

Included with every spindle assembly is a set of snowbike specific fork guards that are functional. Constructed of .080 aluminum making them virtually indestructible. They are designed with openings at the bottom for snow and ice to push through during fork compression.

Spindle Construction

Has a unibody design that is constructed of welded aluminum using multiple thicknesses for strength and to keep it lightweight. Also includes two mounting points to accommodate aftermarket wheel mounting systems.

Fork / Axle Clamp

The axle clamp uses the stock axle bolt and will adjust to any diameter. The fork clamps mount on from the back side of the tubes verses from the side like on all other kits. The rear cushion clamp is the key part to protect the tubes from impact damage. The system fits 47, 48 and 49mm fork tube diameters and is adjustable for any width.


Using Float-3 EVOL Internal By-Pass shocks. The Float shock provides a wide range of adjustability to accomidate all riders. Adjust for a big or small rider or adjust to the riders style from pure mountain to athletic ability. All kits include a high pressure Float air pump for adjustments.

FOX Internal By-Pass Technology

By-Pass shocks are a game changer to any motor sports vehicle. They are different than traditional shocks with their variable rate dampening from soft to stiff using multiple lengths of spiral flutes cut into the inner body to by-pass fluid throughout the stroke. Each shock is specifically calibrated with it's own setup to best tune the suspension.

Rear Skid

The design has stemmed from years of developing snowmobile and snowbike suspensions and learning what works and what doesn't. It offers a superior ride quality that is supple and smooth. The geometry allows the weight of the bike and rider to sit on the rear suspension and not on the forks thus promoting light ski pressure that makes the snowbike easier to turn.

Narrow Rail Spacing

The suspension has a narrower 5-3/8” rail spacing (vs 8-5/8”). This narrower stance allows you to throw the bike from side to side quicker giving it a lighter more natural feel. It helps it to corner more fluidly on trails with a less edgy feel. It also weights the outer edge of the track differently on a side hill for an improved slip versus stick feel.

Rear ARM

The rear arm linkage system activates the shock to give optimal compression rate. It is very soft and moves easily at the top of the stroke and ramps up at a faster rate at the bottom of the stroke to give it an endless suspension feel. This assists with how light the kit feels on the ski and how well it transfers weight by not creating too much down force on the back of the track.


The suspension is mounted as far forward as possible making it handle significantly lighter on the ski. The average rider will not need to modify their forks. We recommend keeping your forks stock to retain a smoother ride. This greatly simplifies things when putting it together and when going back to dirt.


This system adds travel by articulating the snow bike kit and bike frame at the stock motorcycle swing arm suspension point with a calibrated amount of travel that works in harmony with the rear suspension. This transfers weight off the front end and greatly smooths out the ride making the entire snow bike feel more compliant to the rider. Installs and cycles without any modifications to your factory air box.

Adjustable Live Strut

With right and left hand threaded joints the strut rod can easily be adjusted to fine tune the seat height and ski pressure. A lower bike has less ski pressure and works better on harder snow conditions and a taller bike has more ski pressure and works better in deep snow.

Linkage Driven Live Strut Shock

The Live Strut Rod pushes on the linkage bracket to activate the in-frame FOX FLOAT-3 shock at a 4 to 1 ratio. With a 100-300psi range of adjustment the shock runs at 150psi for a 180-200lb rider.


The drive system runs on the inside of the tunnel and does not have a chain case or cover. It was designed with simplicity, reliability, and efficiency in mind. The overall width of the systm is considerably narrower and has less drag in the snow.

Jackshaft Hub

The jackshaft hub is unique with it's super light rotating weight and 2-way adjustability. It adjusts horizontally for the engine chain and vertically for the drive chain. This allows the system to not have chain adjusters that push on the chain. The chains always run in a straight path for the most efficient drive system possible.

Drive Sprocket Hub

Uses an aluminum hub that is pressed onto the drive shaft with refined ring-gear style sprockets that are removable. This is a very lightweight yet strong sprocket assembly that makes for a faster spooling drive system.

Drive Bearings

Uses dual 25mm (#6205) NTN Formula snowmobile bearings on each side of the axle. The bearings are pressed into aluminum housings that are precision fitted through the tunnel sides. Being designed this way gains strength by utilizing the rigidity of the tunnel. This is a very strong reliable system that will last a long time.

Drive Axle

Machined from 1-1/4” hex aluminum and running a 6 tooth 2.86" pitch anti-ratchet driver. The axle retains more strength due to it driving entirely on the inside of the tunnel verses a small shaft through a bearing on the outside of the tunnel. This allows us to have an aluminum axle that is reliable but lighter than a traditional steel axle. This lightens the rotating mass for a faster spooling drive system.


We use sealed chains by EK. The chains on the MTN.TOP kit are shorter than most and run in a straight path with no idler wheels or chain sliders pushing on them.  This makes for a lighter weight rotating assembly and a more freed up chain path that can spool up faster. The kit uses a 58 link engine chain and a 48 link drive chain.

Sprockets and Gearing

All sprockets are made of heat-treated machined steel and will last a very long time. Offering 15,16,17,18,19 tooth jackshaft gears and 20,21,22 driveshaft gear options. Factory gearing is 15/18/21 for all around mountain riding.


Using a Hayes Dominion-A2 brake system that comes fully bled and ready to install, the system is mounted to the drive axle inside the track and is fully covered so that you have consistent braking performance.

Brake Design

The brake offers a premium feel that allows you to feather the brake for any maneuver. The lever is easily adjusted in/out and up/down to put it in the most comfortable position.

Service Parts

Service parts are available. If you ever need to bleed the brake system we offer a Hayes brake pro-bleed kit with fluid that makes it very easy to do. Also, we offer replacement brake pads and Hayes racing DOT-5 brake fluid.


Extremely strong design that has adjustability built into it that simplifies fitment to your bike. The frame mounts up and cycles with it's Live Strut in-frame suspension to any dirt bike without modifications.

FRAME Construction

Built from multiple diameters and thicknesses of welded 4130 chromoly steel.  The design has allowed us to keep it streamlined so that it is lightweight and rigid.

Adjustable Mounting

Slotted holes on each side adapt the aluminum legs that mount in place of the motorcycle swing arm. With the adjustment it can align the engine chain and fit all dirt bike frames no matter its make or model.

Fitment Parts

With the purchase of a MTN.TOP snowbike kit it will include all fitment parts needed for your make and model dirt bike. Fitment Parts include: strut rod, swing-arm pivot sleeves, upper shock mount reducers.


Built from aluminum, the tunnel assembly was designed with a streamlined shape in mind that does not drag through the snow due to its narrow track to tunnel ratio width.

Tunnel Side-Panels

Made of 3/16” aluminum and has a powder coat finish with graphics. The left side-panel is bent to accept the drive system. Being built this way makes the overall width of the kit considerably narrower due to no chain case cover. The right-side panel has the brake system bolted into it and has no parts hanging out to drag through the snow.

Tunnel Top & Bumper

Tunnel Top is made of .065 aluminum and has a powder coat finish. On each end there are support brackets that reduce vibration fatigue and complete the look of the tunnel. The bumper is machined of aluminum and sticks up at a 45 degree angle. This gives it an easy to grab position that works well for lifting and balancing the bike.

Graphic Options

When you purchase a MTN.TOP snowbike kit you will have the option to have colored graphics to match your bike.


For the first model year (2023) MTN.TOP is offering our own designed track that is 2.5” paddle x 129” long x 12” wide x 2.86 pitch with narrow rail window spacing. The track is specifically engineered to have a smoother rotation to gain efficency resulting in a gear higher with more track speed when climbing.


The 4 paddle design is how many paddles are from right to left in a repeating pattern. This aids in it's smooth rotation. The paddles are V-shaped to make them cup the snow and when the paddle flexes it will not fold over. The flex gives the track lift in the soft snow but retains its shape. The outer edge is stiffer with little bend allowing it to grip and dig as it should.

Narrow Rail Window Spacing

It is clear that on a snowbike it's more rider friendly with a narrower 5-3/8” rail spacing than it was on the traditional 8-5/8” spacing that is used on most snowbikes and snowmobiles. The narrower stance gives the snow bike a more fluent lean without an edgy feel.

3” Lug Track

MTN.TOP snowbike kits are designed to fit a 3” lug track without any modifications. As of model year 2023 we only offer a 2-1/2” lug track. We are planning to have our own 3” track available in the future. You will be able to upgrade to this with a simple drive wheel and track change. We do currently offer a 6 tooth 3” pitch drive wheel for the guys that are determined to put a 3” lug track on right away.