MTN.TOP snowbike

Manufacturer of snowbike kits to convert a dirt bike motorcycle to snow.

Developed by Allen Mangum, the man that has paved the way for modern snowbikes as we know them today.

Model year 2024


● Exclusive 3-inch Track option
● Added adjustability
● Refinements for weight, strength, and better climbing
● Additional accessories


XFR Snowbike kit

The XFR (pronounced "Transfer"), is a snowbike conversion kit for a dirt bike that is truly more comfortable to ride in every condition from mountains to trail.

Simple Installation

The installation on the XFR is simple. The spindle assembly is a universal fit to all modern bikes and the rear track system has only 3 fitment parts that are included to adapt it to any make and model dirt bike. The system bolts up with no required bike modifications.

Light & Effortless

All technologies on the XFR are focused to create a more comfortable, lighweight feel. The unit sits with a minimal amount of weight on the ski making it very easy to lean and turn. At the end of the day this is much less fatiguing to the rider.


The XFR is lightweight due to it's simplistic design yet is durable due to it's construction from strong materials such as chromoly steel and aircraft aluminum.

Smooth Ride

The ride quality on the XFR is second to none and has no limits with it's dual rear suspension. Using a Live Strut suspension system in the frame as well as an in-track rear suspension allows you to cruise with comfort or take the whoop trail at speed. The suspension will insprire confidence.


The XFR is designed to have less rotating resistance that spins smoothly. All parts were engineered with this in mind. You will feel the difference with a faster spooling drive system and more overall track speed.