Blake Davies

Hometown: Mission, BC Canada


Blake is a 14 year old amateur MX rider that is making a name for himself on Canadian soil. Two weeks before his second birthday he was riding a pedal bike without training wheels. Since then the hashtag ‘life behind bars’ has really taken hold.  He has 3 Canadian national championships for motocross and competed in the US as well. At 7 years old Blake was riding a full sized snowbike and was competing in the MCQMX Canadian snowbike nationals.  Blake is an outdoor enthusiast who likes to compete in just about anything. With talent to back it up, this kids future in the world of snowbikes is bright. Coming from a family of 4 snowbikers means a passion for the sport is a family trait. With a list of sponsors including Nixon Prosports, International Motorsports, Husqvarna Canada, Fox Canada, Matrix Concepts, 100%, Altas Brace, Sky Suspensions, Mobius Brace, Lime Nine Graphics, and CTS Racing. Blake is excited is excited and proud to add MTN.TOP Snowbikes to the list.
Check out Blake at @mission_missile58 on Instagram.