Derick Driggs

Hometown: Sandpoint, Idaho


I first threw a leg over a snowbike, a 2-Moto kit, back in 2007 and instantly fell in love with the sport.  In 2009 Allen Mangum introduced me to his prototype Timbersled as he rolled it out of his trailer and I instantly knew that this was something unlike anything else on the market.  Sure enough, it outperformed the 2-Moto and worked flawlessly the whole day with Allen smiling ear to ear at the top of mountain watching us struggle to get anywhere close to where he was.  Allen and I became fast friends and before I knew it I was an exclusive test rider for Timbersled and it was my job to make sure the kits would survive “the 800lb Gorilla Test” I put them through.  Over the last 17 years I have been fortunate enough to be labeled as “the fastest snowbiker on the planet” and grateful to be the first to do a lot of things on a snowbike.  However, my greatest snowbiking accomplishment is getting my daughter just as hooked and passionate for the sport as I am.  It’s exciting to be working with the best in the business again and getting the opportunity to be involved in the next big evolution of the sport.  Can’t wait to see you all up on the MTN.TOP!