What's Coming for 2024


MTN.TOP has decided to do our pre-season launch differently than other snowbike manufacturers. Here is what to expect from us.

  • Each year in March we will provide you a message (this message) of what to expect for next year.
  • Included in that message will be the time frame that we will hold the official product launch and what to expect for the upcoming model-year.
  • From this information you will be able to make your decision to pursue purchasing our products or not.


  • September 2023 MTN.TOP will officially launch its Model Year 2024 product line with full details.
  • 2024 Products will start to deliver to customers at this time.
  • Updates leading to this time will be posted on our social media (FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM) and this web site.


Here is what to expect,  we have some exciting new things coming. The MTN.TOP XFR Snowbike kit is pre-engineered to accommodate new features each year as the product advances.

  • New exclusive 3” track:
    • New track length
    • New track pitch
    • New paddle size
    • New standard in lightweight by design
  • Added features will provide additional adjustability and adaptability to fit all rider needs.
  • New exclusive Accessories to add to the XFR snow bike kit.
  • Refinements throughout to make the XFR stronger, lighter and climb better.
  • All new 2024 options will be compatible with model year 2023 kits.


All MTN.TOP Snowbike Kits are sold through our dealer network. All dealers provide customized sales and service to provide you the best purchasing experience and service after the sale.

  1. Contact a MTN.TOP Dealer that is listed on this web site. DEALERS PAGE
  2. If you like, at any time before the September product launch you can get your name on their list.
  3. MTN.TOP does not require a down payment from you when you place an order through a dealer, but your dealer might to confirm your committed deal and placeholder on their list. Each dealer operates differently.


  • MTN.TOP Snowbike Kits are built in set quantity for each model year and are allocated to the dealers.
  • Supply is limited.
  • Products will be delivered in first-come-first-serve order.