Nick Donovan

Hometown: Bozeman, Montana


Being able to blend the love for the outdoors, snow and motorsports, I’ve found snowmobiles and snow bikes to be a true passion of mine for many years. A passion that started since I was a kid. I got into snow biking when I saw the first prototype Timbersleds on the internet and got inspired to start building in my garage. From there, these two sports gave me an opportunity to push myself as an athlete as well as a fabricator and tuner. This allowed me to combine my love for the blank slate of a winter mountain and my desire to always tinker and “make things better”. Throughout the years I have jumped back and forth between 1 and 2 skis, but one thing has always stayed constant: my love to push and share the sport. With nearly two decades of riding experience and over 7 years of working for numerous companies and networking in the snow industry, I’m stoked to begin a new chapter working with MTN.TOP! Whether it’s in the shop, the internet, or the side of the mountain, I’m always stoked to share the sport and help guys have the most fun possible on the best performing vehicles.