2.5" x 129" Track
2.5" x 129" Track

2.5" x 129" Track


The track is a narrow rail design and is extremely efficient. It can only be used on snowbike kits with 5.5” rail spacing. It is a balanced, 4 paddle design that promotes a smoother rotation. The paddles are V-shaped to cup the snow and when the paddles flex they will not fold over. The paddles hold their shape and give immense lift in the deep snow. All of this promotes a faster track speed to help you climb higher.


  • 5.5” rail spacing x 12” wide x 129” long x 2 ½” paddle x 2.86 pitch
  • 34 lbs

Regular price$950.00


Designed and perfected by us. Each product meets the MTN.TOP functionality and durability standard. Manufactured with pride in the Pacific Northwest,USA.