3-1/4" Track Kit
3-1/4" Track Kit
3-1/4" Track Kit

3-1/4" Track Kit


This kit is intended to upgrade a MTN.TOP XFR Snowbike kit that has a 2-1/2” lug track to a 3-1/4”.

The 3-1/4” track has been engineered with the same 4-paddle design as our 2-1/2” but is configured to be a bigger for efficiency and traction. Using a large 3.5” pitch reduces the amount of paddle on the track. This allows it to hold more snow between the paddle and spin more freely without bogging the motor. The track uses a multi durometer rubber that is also thicker to allows the larger paddle to flex for deep snow lift without folding over.

The 3-1/4” track has a more connected feel that speeds up as you apply throttle. It inspires confidents by allowing you to go slower more easily without getting stuck. When climbing it will pull a steeper line with ease. It simply lifts and goes without the feel that it is struggling. 

  • Fits: MTN.TOP Model-Year 23 and Newer XFR Snowbike Kits 
  • Includes: Track, Driver Wheels, Adjuster Bolts, White 3-1/4” Tunnel Stickers
  • Track Specs: 3-1/4” lug x 126” long x 3.5” pitch 

Regular price$1,500.00


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