11-1/4" LIVE Keel Ski
11-1/4" LIVE Keel Ski
11-1/4" LIVE Keel Ski
11-1/4" LIVE Keel Ski

11-1/4" LIVE Keel Ski


Born from years of designing skis and identifying what works and what does not. The 11-1/4" LIVE KEEL SKI hands down has the best all-around handling. The ski is not just a piece of plastic with skags bolted to it; it is more of a functioning assembly.

 The ski has an independent plastic runner attached to the center keel and suspends the runner and skag off the ski with 2 rubber mounts that allow it to lean side to side so that the center skag stays connected to the ground and absorbs bumps like a rubber tire would. This makes it track much straighter giving a more comfortable steering feel.

Super strong yet flexible 11-1/4” wide semi parabolic tri-keel design. The ski is made of supper slick and flexible UHMW plastic. The skags are built from heat-treated steel and have an industrial powder coated surface. We also offer optional heights for each skag. Skis come with the middle size that is best for all around riding. A less aggressive skag works best for hard pack and a more aggressive works better for deep snow.

  • The Live Keel ski is rebuildable when it gets beat up. All parts are readily available.
  • Fits: MTN.TOP and Timbersled spindles
  • Includes: Completed ski with black loop

Regular price$650.00



Designed and perfected by us. Each product meets the MTN.TOP functionality and durability standard. Manufactured with pride in the Pacific Northwest,USA.