Tow & Footpeg Kit
Tow & Footpeg Kit
Tow & Footpeg Kit
Tow & Footpeg Kit
Tow & Footpeg Kit

Tow & Footpeg Kit


If you are ever broken down or need to ride double, this kit will make things much easier. The kit works great for towing a snowbike or snowmobile or you need to ride double. Attach the foot pegs to the  snowbike by threading them onto the tunnel. These holes are predrilled from the factory on a MTN.TOP kit. Then place a 44” long strap around each fork tube or triple. The driver can now ride like normal because the passenger is not holding on to them. The passenger is more comfortable because they have their own foot pegs and can hold on by the straps using them like reigns on a horse.

 Kit Includes:

  • 1 /  15’ towing lead
  • 2 / 74” tow vehicle leads
  • 2 / 44” broke down vehicle leads
  • 2 / 3” carabiners to connect all straps.
  • 2 / 4” tunnel mount foot pegs with bolts
  • 1 / 8” x 4” x 2 ½” breathable mesh pouch

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