Universal Gas Can Rack
Universal Gas Can Rack
Universal Gas Can Rack

Universal Gas Can Rack


This gas can rack system is a simple design with big functionality. It is universal and will fit any size or shape gas can. The strap system is extremely functional. It comes off and goes on quickly. Once tight the gas can is very secure and does not wiggle or vibrate.

The 3 included gas rack brackets are mounted to the tunnel top to fit the perimeter of the gas can, no matter its size or shape. They are intended to always locate the gas can to the left side of the tunnel top so that the exhaust does not blow on it. The gas can sits on a 1/8” thick 9” x 12” rubber pad that is held on by a peel and stick adhesive which is gas resistant.

The conveniently designed strap bolts onto one side of the tunnel and is fixed there. On the other side, it has a button style slip-fit connection that acts as a quick release to take the strap off. It has a lightweight powder coated ratchet buckle that does not freeze up. The strap is looped and sewn into the buckle so that there is no loose end once tightened up and it will not pull out when taking the strap loose.

  • Fits: All sizes of gas cans and will mount to any snow bike kit with a flat tunnel top
  • Includes: 3 rack brackets, pad, strap, mounting hardware

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Designed and perfected by us. Each product meets the MTN.TOP functionality and durability standard. Manufactured with pride in the Pacific Northwest,USA.